Captivated by the treacherous beauty of HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and Latte templates? Irritates you when you do not know how something works? Are you an enthusiast in new technologies? Can you cope with all the pixel hunters?

Would you want to join in our web projects?
Check out CCS , , or and if you think you can work in alignment with our current styles reach out and join us! 

How we work:

  • We are a well-coordinated team, a big family and this is the basis ... No formal structure, no hierarchy. We care for each other, we stand as one. 
  • Your working hours and whether you're at home or office, depending on the agreement with the team. You get freedom and trust, so please treat it well. Important for us are the results, not to where you sit.
  • If you do not want to sit at home and prefer to work with us, we have a great office in Holešovice. 
  • Relaxed environment, we don't shy away from the company party, but if you go too hard you can always pass out on the couch with a good coffee or a game of football. 
  • We continue to learn. Experience and share the news among themselves at regular meetings. The hub Etnetérie hosts regular lectures various topics and your participation is up to you.
  • We are open with each other. We appreciate when you express what is bothering you, and we believe that everything has a solution.
  • We do unique, interesting and innovative projects for major clients. With the use of virtual / augmented reality for e-commerce.
  • After work fun - we believe that all work and no play makes for a dull day. That's why we love to actively engage in fun team activities.

What we need from you:

  • You'll be part of the team, which is responsible for supporting existing projects, or you can venture into the development of new and interesting projects for our clients.
  • We definitely need advanced knowledge of HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and Javascript.
  • We're in handling projects such as coding, e-learning, microsite, HTML 5 banners, e-commerce and other interesting things.
  • We do not just fulfill the task. We want you to use your head, coming up with ideas and looking for a better solution.

And what else?

  • You can work part time or full. And both the HPP and infrared. 
  • If you follow through with your projects and produce results, no one will count your sick days. 

So If you think you fit into our family, send us an email with your references to or simply link to Linkedin.

More info you can find us on:  linkedin , facebook , instagram

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