Klokánek Hostivice

Early 2017 we prepared, jointly with volunteers from the Andromeda Association, an event entitled “Spring with Klokánek” for the Klokánek (Kangaroo) Children Endangered Fund in Hostivice. Children were presented with an afternoon full of adventures and painting in virtual reality. We also created the website www.jarosklokankem.cz for this event with all related documents as well as all of the 3D drawings created during it. On this website you can also download a special Magical card which, once linked with the Pixman’s Klokoskop app, makes all sorts of strange things happen. This project was intended both to entertain children as well as raise funds to repair the Klokánek’s premises in Hostivice. It met its purpose on both levels, which really warmed our hearts. And, should you be interested in the details, please check our blog which gives a full account of the Spring with Klokánek event.

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