Villa Pellé

In the spring we began to collaborate with the Villa Pellé Gallery which is situated in the residential area of Prague 6, near Hradčanská tube station. It is located in a beautiful neo-renaissance building and hosts a variety of cultural and social events. Our agency aims to link up the gallery’s activities with some of our innovative ideas.

So far, we have contributed to the Villa’s programme with an event entitled VR Cosmopolitan. This was one of the accompanying programmes to the fine and inspiring exhibition M. Šašek Flight No. 59/74.  Miroslav Šašek is the author of a series of seventeen phenomenal picture books entitled “This is”… about world capitals and countries – from Paris, London, Rome, New York, Munich and Venice, to Hong Kong and Australia. The expat and globetrotter, Miroslav Šašek, has captured both their historical image and the dynamism of the modern era, particularly the 1960s and early 1970s. VR Cosmopolitan enabled visitors of this charming exhibition to try how it feels putting on virtual reality goggles and painting a pretty picture in this retro world. To see how the visitors let their imagination run wild please visit the website

We look forward to collaborating on another creative project!

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