Pixxa day

Food has a knack for bringing people together, forging bonds and creating conversation.

It’s a centerpiece of holiday festivities. It’s how neighbors welcome newcomers into their community. In the dining room, families share traditions. In restaurants, romance and relationships blossom. And in many homes, the kitchen is hailed as one of the most important meeting spaces.

Our firm is no different as we consider ourselves a family of peers. 

On this particular day, in the spirit of sharing and peer support, we decided to invite the neighboring teams, our clients and families as well creating a bustle of commotion and a room bursting with full bellies and smiling faces. 

Pizza has long been known to bring people together so naturally, this was our first choice. In our kitchen, two glorious pillars housed the pizza ovens and several of our colleagues had a blast kneading the dough and preparing pies in original and gluten-free crusts.

While the at first some of the neighboring firms were shy to come join the pizza party, it wasn't long after the smell and commotion that we could hardly keep up with the demand!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for all of us here at Pixman and we look forward to the next one!
Oh, by the way, you're invited!



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