Four Steps to a Great Social Media Platform

At Pixman we understand that so many of your customers and prospects are using social sites, it's time for you to start engaging them there. But how do you do that appropriately? How do you do that efficiently? What should your strategy be?


Follow these four simple steps to develop a Social Media Strategy that's appropriate for you and your customers as well.


STEP ONE: Define your Goals

- what are you trying to accomplish with your social media efforts?


STEP TWO: Define your Metrics

- How will you measure the success of your strategy?


STEP THREE: Decide on Tactics

- What actions can you routinely take on that help you accomplish your goals?


STEP FOUR: Execute your Strategy

- Measure and Refine.


Now let's break those down a bit.

First and foremost; companies that are successful with Social Media typically set one of the four following goals.


STEP ONE: define your goals



- Become known for thought leadership


- Establish, Project and Promote a Brand.


- Prospect for leads and generate sales


- Conduct service and fulfillment.



STEP  TWO: define your metrics



- How Influential are you?

Track the value given in your content by measuring  how often it is;


-commented upon


-posted and pinned


- Are you broadening your reach?

Measure your online brand awareness and favorability by tracking:

-Facebook interaction rates

-email click-through rates

-youtube viewership

-Pinterest pins and repins


- Do you convert awareness to action?

Measure whether your social media efforts are creating consideration and conversion with your target audience.


What is your customer sentiment score?

Are you creating and assisting brand loyalists? Track:

-answers, tips, and suggestions they provide on your behalf

-positive, negative and neutral comments over time.



STEP THREE: Decide on tactics.



- Stay front of mind with your expertise.


- Facebook is still key to branding in the social space, however also use Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


- Use facebook and youtube to bring B2C customers into your online marketing funnel.


- your customers are likely talking about you online. some are complaining too. listen and respond.



STEP FOUR: Execute your strategy

- As with any strategy, success depends on planning and the resources, commitment, talent and tools you put behind it.



Prepare and regularly maintain monthly rolling social media marketing calendars.



Give it TIME - a meaningful enduring impact will take time to develop.



Learn from your mistakes - consistently adjust them as well as emerging best practices.

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