Is Augmented Reality the Future of Marketing


At the Pixman office we have the opportunity of working with and getting to experience some of the more exciting Tech on the market today.

One of our favorites is the quickly evolving Augmented Reality.

We live in a day and age where Augmented reality is no longer a sci-fi concept but very real and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.


With its unlimited potential and easily accessibility, it is no surprise that Augmented reality has already made its way into the Marketing game.

But what can we expect from Augmented Reality and how can it really make an impact on the market vs a more traditional market approach?


Let’s first take a look at what exactly Augmented Reality is;

  • Augmented Reality (AR):
    Superimposing virtual content (such as graphics) on top of a view of the real world.


AR has the ability to transform any mobile device into a  sort of "magic looking glass" where you can interact with the real world.

from gaming and play to interactive media/marketing to instructional how-to/aid.


How does it work?
The systems in place do the following for things in repetitive sequence:

- Scans

- Compares

- Positions

- Renders

30+ times per second


In 2008 the first AR apps came to smartphones but in 2008 only 22% of new handset sales were smartphones and we don't have to tell you that a majority of American Adults own a smartphone.

- 77% own a smartphone and 51% own a tablet.  


It's projected that AR apps will generate $5.2 billion in revenue by the end of 2017.

And research suggests that 2.5 billion AR apps will be downloaded on smartphones and tablets the same year.


On top of that wearable tech is on a major rise as it is forecasted to be worth $8.36 Billion by 2018 and 60% of Americans said that wearable tech "helps them feel more in control of their lives." and the likelihood of a purchase after a customer sees a product in AR increases 135%


So If you ever thought about taking on a new approach to your marketing strategies than Augmented Reality may very well be the best way to go!


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